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Amateur theatre

In May 2008 we launched a new project - AMATEUR THEATRE KAZANOVA. 
Participants of the play – are company employees. 
This page is devoted to already choreographed performance.


The Teremok

The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna


Teremok- Director of a trading department - Melikov Fedor V.

Mouse -Top manager Novakovskaya Anna A.

Frog - Sales manager Shchepin Dmitry Y.

Hare - General director Batalov Aleksey V.

Foxes - Director of the wholesale Orlov Sergey Y.

The wolf - Development Director Sofronov Dmitry A.

Bear - Technical director Latypov Ruslan R.









Elli in the wonderland

The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna


Elli - Sales manager Novakovskaya Anna A.

Totoshka - Manager - logistics Melikov Fedor V.

Scarecrow – Sales manager Novakovskaya Eugenie A.

Cowardly lion - Development Director Sofronov Dmitry A.

The iron woodcutter - the wholesale top manager Shchepin Dmitry Y.

Villina, the Saber - toothed tiger - Treskova Elena E.

The director: Mihajlova Valentine (St.-Petersburg)

The sound director: Krezhevskih Pavel (St.-Petersburg)

Make-up: Sofronova Olga (Ekaterinburg)










The production date - July, 19th 2008


The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna


Carlson - Krasilnikov Anton S. - Director of the National Company Kazanova Moscow 
The TV, speaking head, bandits - Shchepin Dmitry Y. - the wholesale Top manager 
Jam, doughnuts, cat Matilda - Novakovskaya Anna A. - the wholesale Manager 
The Kid - Sofronov Dmitry A. – the Development Director of the National Company Kazanova 
Freken Bok-Novakovskaya Eugenie A. - the Sales manager 
Mum and the Daddy - Fajruzova Tatiana I. – the Director of the Trading department 
Dog - Treskova Elena E. - the Development Manager


At the most ordinary street, in the most ordinary house, lived a kid, and his name was so, because he was a kid (some say that he is 34 years old) but because he always dreamed. Kid was not very sociable, and his main dream was to find a friend!

There was a hot summer day, windows have been opened also the Kid, looking in a window, all dreamed and dreamed... Suddenly! He has heard some weak hum. It became more loudly and more loudly and here in a window flies the little man with a propeller on a back and a smile on his face.

The little man has asked is it possible for him to land, and, without waiting for an answer, he sat on the windowsill next to the Kid.

Acquaintance did not take long, it turned out that the guest name is Karlsson, who, as he said, lives on the roof! Karlsson had no qualms that is away, he immediately requested a jam by claiming that it is the best medicine, otherwise they will die, well, in general, do what you want, but let me jam.

Having much sated with jam, Karlsson suggested the Kid to fly to the roof, the very roof, on that roof where he, Karlsson lives! The Kid was afraid, but Karlsson was so arrogant that Kid decided to fly. The Kid never happened to attend the roof. Karlsson threw open the door and shouting: "Welcome, dear Karlsson, and you, Kid, too!" - First flew into the house.

At the roof friends saw how two of some horrible persons stealing underwear, Kid looked at them, when suddenly, from nowhere, uttering frightful cries, appeared a ghost. Bringing fluttered around the bandits, moaned and sighed. Not remembering itself from terror, dashed away at breakneck speed.

Ghost was Karlsson, he took off the sheet, and the Kid laughed. Returning from a walk on the roof, Babe found a little dog waiting for him near the door, he naturally wanted to take it. But the house also revealed that parents of the Kid lost him and very much worried about him.

Except for parents in the house there was a lady, and the Kid heard that her name was Freken Bok! She was very resolute in opinions and actions lady. What here to speak, if the first phrase of the new Housetormentress was:

- Ah, here is how! At you, means, a small dog? Anyway, I have dogs quickly become like silk.

And with a smile has looked at the graceful cat – Matilda.

Upset boy went to his room. He has told about his troubles to Carlson. Karlsson's eyes have begun to sparkle. He has declared that he is the best in the world the tamer of Housetormentress. The kid has gone back to the kitchen, now, when he was helped by the best in the world the tamer of Housetormentress, it had nothing to be afraid.

Karlsson began to make fun of a lady, to steal doughnuts and to buzz in both of ears until the Housetormentress has not flopped on an armchair.

The Kid as he was very polite began to introduce Karlsson and Freken Bok which with greater interest glanced against each other. Music has played; Carlson and Freken Bok have broken into a dance! They have appeared in excellent pair! And the Kid danced with a small dog, it was happy too.




The production took place on 4 June 2008


The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna


Wolf Akella - Krasilnikov Anton S. - Director of the National Company Kazanova, Moscow

Maugly- Shchepin Dmitry Y. - the Wholesale top manager

Bagira- Belikov Aleksey A. - the Managing director

Bear Balu - Tcherepanov Denis A. - the Sales Manager

Boa Каа - Novakovskaya Anna A. - the Wholesale Manager

Sher-khan - Sofronov Dmitry A. – the Development Director of the National Company Kazanova

The jackal - Novakovskaya Eugenia A. - the Sales manager

The monkey - Solodjankin Vladimir V. – the Technical director

The girl - Fajruzova Tatyana I. – the Director of the Trading department




Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet


The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna 
The Winnie-the-Pooh - Novakovskaya Eugenie A. - the Sales manager 
The Piglet - Shchepin Dmitry Y - the wholesale top manager  
The Donkey Eeyore- Shchepin Dmitry Y. - the wholesale top manager  
The rabbit - Novakovskaya Anna A. - the wholesale manager 
The Owl - Lukjanova Albina S. - the wholesale Manager


Very long time ago — it seems, in June — in NC Kazanova 69 lived the bear Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends.

Everything was calm, but then one day, his birthday, sad and unsociable Donkey lost his tail. But do not forget that Donkey had a birthday, and he was lucky he found a Winnie the Pooh.

Learning about the holiday which had Donkey and his grief, Winnie decides to help him, but at the same time and to help himself with honey.

And now, walking through the forest, Pooh came to the clearing. In the meadow grew tall oak-laden, but at the very top of the oak someone make loud buzzing

Winnie the Pooh sat on the grass under a tree, his head in his paws and began to think.

Note that Winnie Pooh was not very fond of thinking. He therefore called for assistance, his best friend Piglet. Together they figured out that the bees living in a tree can be extracted honey, give him a sad little donkey, and thus to decorate his birthday. Pooh and Piglet try to get to the honey using a balloon (all well aware of how this process took place and what he eventually turned to Winnie).

Having failed with the bees, friends went to the Rabbit, who was very thrifty. It was evident that at least one pot of honey he hade hid for him. Rabbit shared with honey and even suggested to his friends to eat. After the meal Rabbit, Winnie and Piglet (who by the way did not start the meal) were off to the Donkey, but remembered that the tail was not found yet!








Performance-fantasy based on the Tolstoy's fairy tale "The Golden Key"

The production took place on 23 of May 2008


The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna 
Pinocchio - Novakovskaya Eugene A. – the Commercial Director 
Carabas Barabas - Sofronov Dmitry – the Director of Development of NC Kazanova 
Artemon - Peretyagin Artem – the Storekeeper 
Pierrot - Solodyankin Vladimir V. – the Technical Director 
Malvina - Novakovskaya Anna A. - the wholesale Manager  
Papa Carlo - Voevodin Valery S. – the Director of warehousing 
Alice the Fox - Fajruzova Tatiana I. – the Director of Trade Department 
Basilio the Cat - Shchepin Dmitry Y. – the wholesale Senior Manager. 
Giuseppe - Fyodor Melikov V. - Logistic Manager


There once lived in a distant fairyland kind Papa Carlo, who was a handyman. Papa Carlo was always complaining about life, but once he planed logs to a boy, and he realized that this boy was alive. He called him Pinocchio, and thought that now he is going to live happy and he will have some company to sit at the painted fireplace and discuss their problems. But Pinocchio became very interesting and funny boy, he began to run and jump, sing songs and poke around a long, long nose.

Papa Carlo sent his boy to a school, but curiosity got the better of Pinocchio, and he got to a puppet theater. Everyone in this theater was tucked by seigneur Carabas Barabas. His black beard and a whip were the constant attributes of his menacing image. In the heart Carabas Barabas not so evil, as it seemed, no one knew that, but his eyes betrayed him. In the theater Pinocchio met Malvina, Pierrot and poodle Artemon. He told them where he came from and that his father named Carlo, and that painted fireplace was in his house. Carabas wanted to catch Pinocchio and extort from him the secret of Golden Key, and the door, it opens, but Pinocchio, being the younger and nimbler Carabas, escaped from his clutches and ran towards adventure.

The adventures showed up very quickly in the person of Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat. The two of them were interesting, stylish couple and stayed with dignity. Cheating, they wanted to take the poor boy his money. Pinocchio fell for their tricks and left their coins on the field of miracles, but found a Golden Key, which is so sought Carabas Barabas. Met with Malvina, Pierrot and Artemon, our hero walked to the Papa Carlo and discovered the magic door.

Pinocchio was very surprised when he saw his father, Carabas, Fox and Cat together. Everyone was waiting for him - Pinocchio that he opened a magic door, behind which was hidden treasure. All together, entering the door they saw a very beautiful theater, it was so sudden that everyone forgot about adversity and became a close-knit theater command! It was their theater!








The Cinderella.


The art director: Krezhevskih Irina Dmitrievna 
King - Sofronov Dmitry – the Development Director of NC Kazanova 
Stepmother - Novakovskaya Eugene A. - the Commercial Director 
Shchepin Dmitry Y. – the wholesale Senior Manager. 
Cinderella - Solodyankin Vladimir V. – the Technical Director 
The stepmother’s daughter - Novakovskaya Anna A. – the wholesale Manager 
Fairy - Fajruzova Tatiana I. – the Director of Trade Department


In a Far Away, fairy country lived a simple royal family. King - father and his son Prince. They lived with no troubles at all until naughty Prince not decided to marry! King decided to convene a ball! Messengers were sent in all directions, all parts of the kingdom-states. On the ball came the most beautiful and noble girls of the fairy kingdom, also came the Overseas princess. All the ladies were fighting for the heart of the harmful and naughty prince especially tried the wicked stepmother and her daughters ... But the heart of the prince possessed modest, beautiful young woman standing in the corner of the dance hall. The prince fell in love at first sight. It was a Cinderella, wicked stepmother stepdaughter, who miraculously caught the ball. The king, having learned that his own son fell in love with a modest poor girl flew into a rage! He is planned that the prince would marry one of the daughters of wicked stepmother, on which the King himself had plans. For the love sake, the king renounced his own son and banished him to the farthest land of the Kingdom. The prince went away, he married Cinderella, and the King had married their widowed mother. Life in the Fairy Kingdom continued





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